An experience while setting up Active Directory – Really stupid issue

I tried to set up an experiment domain with one machine that hosted Active Directory service and another machine joint as a domain client.

After setting up Active Directory successful, I was unable to make the client join to the domain.
At the first time it said some error about client could not locate the DC. Then I discovered it was a DNS issue. To fix this, there were two things to do:
– Configure the DNS server (hosted at the same machine with AD) so that it can resolve the hostname and IP of the AD. To do this, I had to create a pointer (PTR) in the Reserved section that point to the hostname and IP of the host machine, and ofcourse with dynamic updating allowed.
– Pointed the client’s DNS IP to this DNS server’s IP. Means the DNS address of client must be the address of AD (because I let AD machine hosted DNS also)

And the second error was funny, when I tried to join the client to domain again, it could locate the AD, but another error said that it couldn’t contact to the AD! WTH!!!!
It took me 2 DAYS to check out that error and to find the solution but not successful. Even that I tried to reinstall the machine (after a lot of touching inside the system, tweek it, bite it, punch it,…) it didn’t work. Then, I decided to take a vegetarian’s food to gain more luck… and luck was gained!!!

Looking into Event Viewers, there were a lot of error events logged. One of them was something wrong with NetLogon, and tracing from this node I found that SYSVOL folder had never been shared! OMG!! Why???
Ok, let share it! But, wait! Why it was not shared? There must be something wrong with the installation…
Looking inside that folder, I saw there was almost nothing inside, all were empty folders! Ok, then they couldn’t generate the database to hold AD setting information. But why? Mr. G tell me that it must be a insufficient disk space issue. And, THAT WAS MY SILLY ISSUE: I ACTUALLY MADE THE VIRTUAL MACHINE A 2GB HDD!!!!!
So after the Win2K3 installed, there was less than 512MB remaining free space on the HDD which was required for AD’s database files holding. What a suck!!
I retried to the whole installation, setting up on a larger HDD VM and now it works OK! Then I think I have to write down these stupid right away to remain me about it. 2 DAYS sitting next to the laptop without gaming, sporting, girling,… for nothing!!!

Poor me!


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