How To Install and Run Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS 3.0) on Windows 7 x64/x86


Error “The requested opreation requires elevation” while installing a program

You got the error “The requested operation requires elevation” while trying to install a program on your computer.


The advanced User Access Control (UAC) introduced in the more recent operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008 & Windows 2008 r2 will not allow the members of the Administrator group to install a software in the silent mode; it is restricted to the default administrator. You will get this error message when you have specified a user who is a member of the Administrator group in the Run As option while defining an Install Software configuration.

Since this is the default behavior of the operating system, it cannot be overcome without disabling the UAC. However, as a workaround to this problem you can try to run the installer under Administrator privilege. Remember to check any harmful thread from the installer before performing this operation.

If it does not help, check out more solution here.

Resolve error while install/uninstall SQL server Express 2005: Failed to load sqlspars.dll

1. By REGEDIT tool: open HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Bootstrap

2. View the parameter WYukonBootstrapDir (it seems to be Local Settings\Temp in your profile)

3. Copy there sqlspars.dll from c:\program files\microsoft sql server\90\setup bootstrap to the path that is the value of parameter above

4. Run the SETUP again